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BTC Meetings:
Fourth Thursday of each month
6 pm
Tallahassee Room, City Hall

For further information about the BTC contact:
Paul Martell
P.O.Box 10345
Tallahassee, Florida 32302-2345
[email protected]

Next BTC Meeting February 26



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What is the Better Transportation Coalition?

The Better Transportation Coalition (BTC), founded in 1999, is a volunteer organization of Leon-Tallahassee Area citizens sponsoring a City of Tallahassee Charter Amendment referendum. It requires that 33 percent of the city's future capital and operating transportation budget be spent on pedestrian walkways, mass transit, door-to-door paratransit and bikeway facilities.

Feel free to download, print and distribute the informational brochure about the Better Transportation Choices Campaign (PDF)

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Balanced Transportation Spending Amendment

All citizens are invited to help the BTC get signatures on petitions to get this referendum on the ballot. If you can help get petition signatures or have questions, please call Paul Martell at 219-1317. Please support the BTC petition and help democracy work to determine how our future transit system is developed.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our activities.

If you live within Tallahassee city limits and are registered to vote, please download and sign the Balanced Transportation Spending Petition (PDF)
Please send all completed petitions and/or $$ contributions to:
P.O. Box 10345
Tallahassee, FL 32302

Why does Tallahassee need better transportation choices?

All citizens in our community rely upon the Downtown Tallahassee traffictransportation network. Currently, this network lacks the fiscal resources to sufficiently provide the following:

- Sidewalks and crosswalks that connect throughout neighborhoods to surrounding commercial areas. Many people would walk to businesses if they had a pedestrian friendly alternative to automobiles. Additionally, roughly 28% of Tallahassee’s citizenry needs such connectivity because they cannot drive a car.

- More frequent bus service. The current bus system has routes that are long and inconvenient to bus users. Too much time is spent catching the bus. Shorter and more frequent routes are needed throughout the urban services area.Tallahassee city bus

- Bike and Greenways that safely connect from residential to commercial areas. Many existing roadway corridors are hazardous.

- Transit services for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Many citizens have become confined due to inadequate transportation service.


The Solution? Transportation for All...

The Better Transportation Coalition is working to create a more functional transportation network for the Tallahassee area.

Among the identified needs:

  • An improved bus system (more frequent stops and routes that more adequately serve public needs)
  • More sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians
  • Better bikeways.

Additionally, right of way should be secured and designated specifically for future rail service. This space could serve as rapid bus transit lanes, thereby taking buses out of automotive lanes, until rail is needed. Alternative transit would also improve the environment and quality of life by reducing the need to widen roads for automotive traffic. Less pavement will mean less stormwater runoff and pollution in our lakes. Less automotive traffic also means less air pollution from vehicle emissions.

Currently, there is insufficient funding and political support for the implementation of existing plans, hence the BTC crafted a petition to seek fiscal support.

Recommendations to improve Tallahassee’s transportation network are contained in the documents listed below. Check our Resources page for links to these and more:

  1. The Tallahassee-Leon Comprehensive Plan Goals, Objectives and Policies
  2. Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  3. The 2000-05 TalTran Transit Development Plan
  4. The MPO 2020 Transportation Needs Plan
  5. The Blueprint 2000 plan

Each plan contains various strategies or projects to improve pedestrian and mass transit modes, yet very little has been implemented. The BTC referendum seeks to provide the necessary funding for implementation of these plans and for future needs. This referendum would NOT increase taxes. It would require the city to allocate 1/3 of existing transportation funds towards alternative transportation modes.

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